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i3 Founder Publishes Article for Family Business Magazine: The Fairness Trap, 9 Tips for Families in Transition

Often, parents and children have wildly different interpretations of what is fair. Why is it so hard to define fairness?

Kevin’s article published on Family Business Magazine’s website lays out the 9 philosophies to help us define fairness in terms of transferring wealth while maintaining harmony for families in transition.

  1. Remember that wealth is a gift not an entitlement.
  2. Your wealth is not your only gift.
  3. Equality is not achievable, but fairness is.
  4. There will always be a needy one. Just plan on it.
  5. Expectations rarely yield expected results.
  6. Fairness and harmony go hand in hand.
  7. Don’t keep score in a game where there is no winner.
  8. Define “fair”.
  9. Let business be business.

Read the full article on Family Business Magazine

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