Family Constitution Workshop

facilitating clarity and consensus for future generations

Orchestrating Harmony Between Families and their Wealth

There are many reasons why setting up a family constitution makes sense for your Family, but at the root of these is the desire to facilitate clearly articulated guidelines and amendments for the future inter-generational transfer and growth of wealth while reducing internal family conflict.

This desire inevitably increases from one generation to the next, as the complexity of managing the family’s wealth grows.

This workshop includes our 60-page Family Constitution workbook covering four key categories . Our goal is to create a living document designed to create conversation toward eventual consensus memorialized in the Family Constitution.

i3 is here to help facilitate conversation and bring structure.

Through a structured workshop, we begin to understand the questions, needs and hopes for the future of the Family Business and the Family Wealth. The family constitution makes explicit some of the policies and guidelines that family shareholders will follow in their relations with each other, other family members, and family office/family company managers.

While family constitutions are more prevalent in larger multi-generational families, they represent an important asset to family unity and the culture of patient family capital starting with second-generation family enterprises.

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