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Family Governance

Orchestrating harmony among family members is the first step in successful asset management.

Our journey begins with opening all lines of communication. With an eye toward healing, we work to mediate economic disputes between family members. By facilitating meaningful conversations—and at times, asking the tough questions and demanding accountability—we build the trust necessary to keep families together long after the dispute is settled. We know this step is critical in a family’s path forward.

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Here’s a look at our process.

  1. A Family Constitution outlines core values.


    The Family Constitution forms the framework that connects family members, family offices, family businesses, family investment companies, and family trusts. Through clearly defined amendments, family members and their advisors ensure the smooth governance of the family’s affairs and interests for generations to come.

  2. A Family Investment Policy provides structure.

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    The Family Investment Policy provides a structure for managing family investment assets and prescribes the framing, content, and administration of public and private assets. It establishes a clear understanding of the investment goals and objectives of the family.

  3. A Training Platform guides family members.

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    Education is, in large part, what is most critical to any Family Office. At i3, we’ve found the most successful way to educate the new generation of stakeholders is via the Family Constitution, which assures understanding of the rights, values, responsibilities, and rules applying to stakeholders in the family wealth.

  4. A Financial Strategy maximizes cash flow from existing assets.

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    In working with trusted advisors, high-wealth families have the opportunity to inventory, review, and create a strategy to preserve and grow wealth through private assets.

  5. A Strategic Blueprint sets the stage for successful future asset management.

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    We recognize the complex dynamics at play when multiple generations of a family are involved with the growth, management, and disbursement of wealth. Our expertise in mediating challenges for high-net-worth families comes from firsthand experience and deep private asset management insights.

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