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DIPCO (Direct Investment Platform Company)

DIPCO solves the largest obstacle facing investors: access.

It gives families a rare direct portfolio investment avenue that is managed by i3 and our partners. The platform follows a sequential portfolio development cycle and is centered around our internal investment philosophy: Is the deal good? Is the price competitive? Is the risk limited? Are the returns promising?

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Here’s how DIPCO solves the access issue:

  1. Programmatic Access

    Investors often have limited access to quality fund managers or sponsors. As a result, investors have historically filled their portfolio with “country club deals” that are overpriced, under-negotiated, and ignorant of major risk factors.

  2. Due Diligence and Education

    Most registered investment advisors (RIAs) lack the support and experience needed to perform appropriate due diligence on incoming investment opportunities. Additionally, they are not practiced enough to adequately value assets or measure risk in private markets.

  3. Portfolio Management

    Many traditional modes of investment fall short when it comes to effectively managing liquidity, organizing the capital stack, handling contribution and distribution events, and providing investors with meaningful reporting.

What makes DIPCO truly different?
You’re the focus.

With DIPCO, investors aren’t limited to investing in a single asset class—common with indirect investment arms.

Instead, you’re invited to participate in an investment style that prioritizes deals of the most attractive risk-reward spectrum, regardless of asset class or geographic location.

i3 has created a truly comprehensive sourcing apparatus that maintains a steady flow of attractive deals, thanks in part to our 30+ years of industry experience. We’ve spent decades building relationships and networking tools to better source a wide array of potential deals—and you get to reap the benefits.

On- and Off-Market
Investment Opportunities

Network of Professionals

i3’s primary and most successful method for sourcing deals capitalizes on having access to a vast network of industry professionals that has been accumulating for well over 30 years. These relationships provide us with a steady stream of potential deals.

Access to CRE Brokers

By maintaining existing relationships and forging new ones, i3 actively participates in conversation with CRE Brokers with the goal of gaining exposure to potential deals. Thanks to these connections, we can enter a deal before the competitive market has the opportunity to engage in discussions.

Distressed Opportunities

Thanks to our connections with financial institutions, i3 is often granted unparalleled access to investments with significant price reductions, such as distressed assets or assets in or nearing foreclosure.

Use of Digital Resources

We have the ability to source and examine deals from a range of online data sources.

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