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Family First
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We help high-net-worth families unify around the legacy they want to leave behind.

Whether that’s achieved through our family governance platform or by gaining access to our reporting, asset management, and/or direct investment services—or any combination of these—we have a solution for you.

Protect your

For well over a decade, i3 has worked with families in flux. These families are experiencing dysfunction, a transition, or a crisis, and need help navigating the murky waters.

Our family governance process is designed to mediate disputes, facilitate communication, educate stakeholders, and plan a path forward.

Once we’ve established a family office investment strategy, families can build upon that foundation via our other services.

Is Family Governance Right For You?

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We can directly invest your equity, manage your returns, and report on the success.

By taking down the silos of wealth management and bringing the solutions you need together under one roof, we help you truly understand your portfolio—and harness its full potential.

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Grow your

It’s never too early (or late) to start managing your wealth more thoughtfully and strategically. i3’s proprietary reporting, asset management, and direct investment services were designed specifically with its users in mind.

Our Origins.

We have the insights and empathy to help families restore communication channels and pave a harmonious path forward because we’ve lived it firsthand.

Our founder, Kevin Heaton, grew up in a family-owned business that dates to 1955. Today, it’s run by his brother, the third generation of family leadership. Heaton, meanwhile, went on to become a “married-in” and served as CFO to his wife’s family’s business.

He’s built a team that intimately understands the challenges and struggles that come with the territory of second and third generational wealth and family-owned businesses. That’s why he recognizes the importance of trust and transparency, of genuine and sincere approaches to mediating conflict and facilitating conversations.

Like families, our roots ground us. For us, this work is deeply personal. But after all, that’s the reason we’re in this business.

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