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Mason Hamrick COO i3 LLC

Press Release: i3, LLC Announces New COO, Expands Leadership Team with New Development Positions

Mason Hamrick, i3, LLC COO

Columbia, SC – January 7, 2020 – i3, LLC., a select private asset management and family CFO services firm, today announced the appointment of Mason Hamrick as Chief Operating Officer, and the addition of two supporting leadership positions. Joining Hamrick are Tom Wood in the role of Client Leadership Development and Fisher Easterling in Business Development.

Reporting directly to CEO Kevin Heaton, Hamrick will oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of i3 with a focus on the full integration of i3’s proprietary suite of real estate accounting and asset management platform services, unique to the private asset management and family office services industry.

These changes set the stage for significant growth for i3, as robust reporting and complex data analysis remains top of mind for family offices and their family businesses and foundations. Hamrick has been an insightful leader in i3’s development and implementation of innovative reporting and client support services and brings a hands-on perspective to best-of-class asset management approaches.

“i3 is proud to have grown its private asset management and family CFO services business over the past twelve years solely through client referral” said CEO Heaton. “Perfecting what works has allowed i3 to steadily refine our services and evolve our methodologies and deliverables. We now look to more aggressive growth with the right people in the best positions to serve our developing client base. Mason is the right operations leader for i3 going forward.”

The positions of COO, Leadership Development and Business Development are first-time roles for the company, further indicative of its sustained success and commitment to the future.

“I am thrilled to accept this senior leadership role at i3,” said Hamrick. “I take great satisfaction in delivering superior results to our clients, and to our internal team. The next phase of growth is on the horizon, and we’re well-positioned to accelerate into the future. The team we’ve assembled is diverse and seasoned, and we’re looking forward to further elevating i3 and its services.”

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About i3

i3 is a boutique private asset management firm providing high net worth families, closely-held companies and private institutions access to relevant information, the infrastructure to acquire and manage assets, and investment options that allow the preservation and continued re-investment of capital.

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