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Data Analytics & Reporting

For families, a major challenge of wealth management is truly understanding their data. We can help.

Our reporting platform is truly unique. We threw aside the institutional format and created our own solution. A report that was built by families, for families. Forget static spreadsheets—we listened to the needs, pain points, and feedback of families we’ve worked with to build a custom tool that reports financial data in a way they can truly understand. In a way that drives conversation. It contains the information you truly want to see, with live cash availability and performance metrics.

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Meet COP(A):

  1. C — Collect.

    We spend time getting to know you and your financial portfolio. As we collect data, we’re noting what you’ve got covered and identifying what may be missing.

  2. O – Organize.

    Information can be overwhelming—especially when it contains years’ worth of unorganized data. Leave it to us. We’ll help you identify what data is critical, and what can be archived for later.

  3. P – Present.

    We cut out the noise of the numbers and focus on two things: portfolio-wide cash availability and performance analytics across several key metrics.

  4. (A) – Asset Management

    If desired, we can bring reporting to life in the form of active asset management. We can flag critical data, provide analysis, and give structured guidance on the future of your portfolio and its value.

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