Leadership dynamics

Creating the next generation of Family Leaders through coaching & development

Leadership Dynamics

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At i3, our team is passionate about energizing and equipping your family team to thrive in your personal and professional lives utilizing sound leadership principles.

With our experience and commitment to integrity, we partner with you as you identify, move toward, and achieve the specific and unique destination that you set for yourself, your family members or your team.

Our Leadership Coaching will develop your current and next generation leaders to discover values, priorities, and purpose; to highlight what matters with a focused game plan; to execute and propel plans and growth forward; to measure and evaluate; and finally, to celebrate victories while tackling new challenges.

Preparing the current and next generations of family leaders to transition is a challenging dynamic at the best of times. Family offices are more complex today and demand an array of skills from financial and technical to leadership and mentoring. Oftentimes within the family office environment, leadership roles and responsibilities become blurred and can be points of contention rather than clarity.

Many believe a leadership role is entitled by virtue of family membership.

The family office is not only a means to manage wealth, but also a way to preserve family cohesion across generations. Many family offices and family businesses are facing crucial decisions related to goal achievement and continuity, including family unity, in the years ahead. Succession planning is a key concern for many families as leadership ‘ages-out’ of day-to-day operations.

Succession is a significant challenge for most organizations, but can be especially emotional for families and family businesses as knowledge may reside with a sole individual, creating a dangerous single-point of failure.

At i3, we work to identify which family members are ready to take leadership roles within the organization and which have interests in coaching toward that goal. We also identify and assist those with family-external interests, or a combination of participation interests.

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