Crisis & transition dynamics

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Crisis Dynamics

family office and family business crisis and transition

When it comes to crisis and transition management, denial is not a strategy.

Whether wealth has been inherited over generations or is newly created through the success of a small business grown large, the poorly managed crisis can be the catalyst for a disaster of stunning proportion that reverberates from one generation to the next and can destroy that wealth.

It can be the collapse of the entire family foundation. It can be the storm of the century.

Crises do not discriminate and can be as broad as a poorly-worded social media post or compromising video to cyber attacks, security breaches, product recalls, natural disaster, financial collapse, or at worst, workplace accidents or targeted and random acts of violence resulting in the death or loss of employees or loved ones.

Understanding how to plan and prepare for crisis is the first step in crisis management.

Our Family Crisis Management approach combines highly experienced practitioners in crisis and transition events with our intimate understanding of the dynamics of wealth, asset management and complex family behaviors.

Crisis services are confidential, custom and compassionate.

Crisis Services

Crisis Services may include:

  • Crisis Event Analysis
  • Communication Coordination
  • Message Mapping
  • Traditional & Social Media Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Training
  • Risk Vulnerability
  • Threat Assessment
  • Crisis Strategy
  • Family Education
  • Post-event Management

Crisis Articles & Thought Leadership

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