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Behavioral cycles are different for each family. Understanding these cycles is critical in determining how to manage and grow wealth.

The process of working within a dual, complex family dynamic — one including a legacy family business and assets requiring distribution — can create multiple challenges if handled poorly.

We recognize the more complex dynamics at play when multiple generations of a family are involved with the growth, management and disbursement of wealth.

Our behavioral expertise is in the mediation of complex challenges facing high-wealth families.

Kevin Heaton, Founder and CEO of i3, built the company on the foundation of a clear methodology based upon his own family business  experience; access to information, an infrastructure to support and manage complex needs, and investment options for capital placement.

Mr. Heaton built i3 to be the Family CFO, an objective, experienced voice in crisis and calm. He founded the company on the core belief that “The transfer of wealth is a gift, not an entitlement.”

5) There is a need for underwriting investments in operating companies or real estate assets;
4) The family recognizes the need to train new family members in critical decision-making and management of the family’s portfolio of assets;
3) The family recognizes the need for a third-party, objective opinion for family decisions;
2) The family leadership desires a strategy for accumulated assets and a plan for managing to the benefit of beneficiaries;
1) The sale of an asset unexpectedly causes the family to evaluate the family’s assets and entitlements of the family – the Global Family Cash Flow.

Family Behavioral Dynamics

At i3, information, infrastructure and investment are at the core of our family asset management services. It is however, our personal experience in combination with our intimate understanding of how family behavior(s) are woven into the fabric of each family’s asset management strategy, that drives our growth and our client successes.

Learning YOUR story allows us to more effectively help you manage your private assets. One specific family member may feel they bear the entire responsibility for the business’s success or failure, and they may be correct.

Most important, the transfer of family private assets from generation to generation is a gift, not an entitlement.

i3 Founder Kevin Heaton is a CFO who understands the cycles of wealth, the dynamics of family change and resultant behaviors. Mr. Heaton built i3 on a clear methodology based upon personal, family experience: access to information, an infrastructure to support and manage complex needs, and investment options for capital placement.

Kevin Heaton is the Family CFO – an objective, experienced voice in crisis and calm. A trusted private asset management expert who considers the complex dynamics of family change.

The Key Lessons of Family Assets & Business

  • Predestined positions may not work out in the idealized manner envisioned.
  • Identifying family employee “fit” can be elusive in any business.
  • Being a family business compounds the complexity of the fit and overall job description.
  • Perceived nepotism or favoritism can fracture already weakened relationships.
  • Unrealistic performance expectations may be placed upon family members.
  • There may be an inability for family members who choose to exit to do so easily.

*The confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance. All Case Studies are reviewed and approved by the subject client.

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