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Financial Dynamics

Financial Dynamics is capturing the Investment Philosophy of a diverse group of family members toward the goal of establishing an Investment Policy that unifies the overarching financial goals of the family.

i3’s Investment Philosophy was developed to assist investors with their private asset and commercial real estate (CRE) investment needs and centers around a proprietary set of tools that demonstrate the investment capabilities of i3.

Executed properly, investments in the CRE marketplace can generate cash flow, hedge against inflation, offer security against a down market, and generate significant upside. With historically low market volatility and numerous avenues for capital deployment, investing into a CRE asset can provide a catered blend of risk and return.

Our efforts are focused on identifying and acquiring assets that meet both the investor’s current and long-term needs, establish a healthy balance for their risk/reward appetite, and meet the goals of an investment time-line, should one exist.

At the height of its performance, our core methodology revolves around two critical concepts: achieving a risk/ reward balance commensurate with the investor’s requirements, and simultaneously satisfying the investor’s immediate and future needs.

“Different than wealth accumulated in a portfolio of stocks, bonds or other financial market instruments that can easily be held and managed at a financial institution, private assets have characteristics such as illiquidity, lack of marketability, and lack of required industry knowledge or experience that makes managing them a challenge for beneficiaries and financial institutions alike.  Our expertise fills this gap.”

Kevin Heaton, Founder, i3


Market intelligence and information

Asset specific research

Access to subject matter experts


Managing third-party vendors and property managers

Relationships with third-party vendors


Performance tracking

Performance vs. benchmarks

Risk mitigation/ Insurance

Capital stack

Deal flow


From $500k to $5M

i3 was requested to review an under-performing private asset portfolio containing land and commercial real estate, with assets owned by three familial generations.

i3 performed a land best-use analysis, compiled recommendations in an Asset Summary Report, and once approved, oversaw construction and development of recommended projects. i3 next conducted a Family Needs Assessment and created a Family Balance Sheet to communicate a unified vision while maximizing asset performance.

As a result of the i3 approach and implementation, rents and returns grew from $500,000 to more than $5 million.

a history of trusted private asset Management

Founded in 2007, i3 has more than $250,000,000 in private assets under management. The i3 team works closely with family members and decision-makers to manage the 1031 Exchange process including the identification and selection of like-kind assets, the management of a significant group of real estate portfolios, the provision of services to support day-to-day portfolio management, private asset risk assessment and management, and the design of acquisition and asset management strategies.

Our clients include multiple, high net worth families, foundations, closely-held businesses and private companies. 

Private asset types managed include commercial real estate, timberland and forest, farm and agricultural, port and dock, multi-family, retail, and other asset types with underwriting of multiple real estate opportunities per month.

Additional oversight includes fifteen diverse operating companies, seven (re-) development projects,  and supervision and planning for three start-ups.

i3 currently counsels eight family boards.

High-level services involve Origination, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Acquisition and Financing, Development and Construction Management, and Asset Management. Managing client real estate assets requires oversight of property management, directing leasing strategy, investment oversight and the ability to see the long-term value of the asset. Critical to the success of managing each asset is in-depth knowledge of property operations and systems coupled with a hands-on approach that ensures every asset’s performance is maximized.



We access opportunities through brokers, attorneys, CPAs, family offices, banks, servicers, other professionals, and centers-of-influence presenting our clients
with the best options available for investment.


Preliminary credit and real estate evaluation, followed by preliminary
asset strategy formulation.
Upon approval, complete further credit and real estate due diligence
and underwriting.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is applied through investigative analysis and
through the underwriting of
properties to eliminate risk
and achieve the best possible
terms of acquisition.

Managed private asset Types

Commercial Real Estate

Includes income-producing assets and real estate to be developed across asset classes such as individual or portfolios of retail shopping centers, grocery anchored centers, industrial, medical, and warehouse/office.


Timberland may include forests owned by private entities and refer to ownership by individuals, funds, endowments or other institutions supported by i3 services.


i3 handles complex and time-consuming responsibilities associated with land asset management including land use and entitlement issues, leasing and licensing, construction and (re) development.

Operating Company

Operating companies include companies that manufacture a product or provide a service. We oversee financial performance, advise on the capital stack and, when the opportunity presents itself, contribute to the management team of the company and construction of the board.


Our reach into hospitality includes the oversight of hotels and restaurants. i3 works with successful management companies to build strong operating teams with consistently strong results.


i3 has been involved with the underwriting, development, acquisition and disposition of multi-family housing across product types: student housing, assisted living and residential housing.

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