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Asset Management

Our experienced team of asset management advisors is capable of overseeing 360⁰ of an investment cycle, or work with your family in a particular area.

Whether a private equity or real estate investment, i3 can facilitate the process of acquiring, developing, operating, maintaining, and selling interest in assets or operating companies. Ultimately, we organize and manage the capital structure of all family-owned assets.

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Via our proprietary platform, i3 can assist with many asset management categories:

  1. Capital Structure


    Advise upon, build, and execute.

  2. Project / Venture Financing

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    i3 can tap into its network of banks, lenders, and other partners to secure competitive financing for any number of projects.

  3. Relationship Management

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    We can help set up and detail relationships with third party vendors, such as property managers and developers.

  4. Risk Analysis

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    Based on portfolio study, i3 can provide a risk analysis that factors in any number of relevant points as relating to a family’s investment needs.

  5. Portfolio Advisement

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    Based on our analysis of your reports, i3 can provide portfolio advice based on any number of critical categories within a family’s monthly reporting. (Such as future need for cash, future refinancing, future dispositions, and future acquisitions.)

  6. Lease Management

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    We can assist and advise on negotiations, renewals, executions, language, and more.

  7. Advisement on Accounting & Budgeting Process

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    While i3 won’t run your accounting process for you, we have a talented team of experts who can advise you on all aspects of that process.

  8. Active Portfolio Assistance

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    We can assist with refinancing, appraisals, ownership structure, portfolio hierarchy, and more.

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