information, infrastructure, investment.

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What do we mean by 'Manage the Ugly?'

The team at i3 has a unique skill set: we handle the things other people can't (or won't).

From complex family conflicts and business threatening crises to failing or weakened leadership and multi-dimensional, complicated asset management engagements, we've been there, done that, and documented and designed a sound, effective process and program for the future, better management of challenges.
(Plus we got the t-shirt.)

Our team has been on the front-lines of 'The Ugly' and we are not afraid.

information, infrastructure, investment

With more than twenty years of experience working with high net worth families, their closely-held businesses and private institutions, we have learned that there are three things a family needs:

  • Access to relevant information to include market intelligence and information, asset-specific research and subject matter expertise;
  • infrastructure support in terms of people and relationships to provide and manage third-party vendors and property managers;
  • investment options including comprehensive performance tracking and reporting, performance versus benchmarking, risk mitigation and insurance analyses, and capital stack and deal flow.

i3’s Private Asset Management value proposition is in our breadth of market knowledge, transaction and due diligence experience.

We combine this experience with senior-level, on-going management and comprehensive reporting necessary to insure our clients have the information to make informed decisions about their private assets.

family office and family business culture

The process of working within a dual, complex family dynamic — one including a legacy family business and assets requiring distribution — can create multiple challenges if handled poorly.

We recognize the more complex dynamics at play when multiple generations of a family are involved with the growth, management and disbursement of wealth, and our expertise is in the mediation of complex challenges facing high-wealth families.

Top 5 reasons why families engage i3:

 5) There is a need for underwriting investments in operating companies or real estate assets;

 4) The family recognizes the need to train new family members in critical decision-making and management of the family’s portfolio of assets;

 3) The family recognizes the need for a third-party, objective opinion for family decisions;

 2) The family leadership desires a strategy for accumulated  assets and a plan for managing to the benefit of beneficiaries;

 1) The sale of an asset unexpectedly causes the family to evaluate the family’s assets and entitlements of the family – the Global Family Cash Flow.

family office and family business coaching

The i3 mission is to work in concert with the family to create the framework for a Family Constitution and provide the training platform to support the management of future wealth within it.

Education is in large part what is most critical to any Family Office; to educate the next generation in the Family Constitution. Each generation is responsible for the wealth transferred to them, and the Constitution dictates how that gift is received.

For families of high-wealth, defining goals and educating all involved is imperative. Educating on the Family Constitution assures understanding of the rights, values, responsibilities and rules applying to stakeholders in the family wealth.

Along with understanding the fundamental mission of the family, development is key in growing the next generation of Family Leaders.

Our Leadership Coaching will develop your current and next generation leaders to discover values, priorities, and purpose; to highlight what matters with a focused game plan; to execute and propel plans and growth forward; to measure and evaluate; and finally, to celebrate victories while tackling new challenges.

family office and family business crisis and transition

When it comes to crisis and transition management, denial is not a strategy.

Whether wealth has been inherited over generations or is newly created through the success of a small business grown large, the poorly managed crisis can be the catalyst for a disaster of stunning proportion that reverberates from one generation to the next and can destroy that wealth.

It can be the collapse of the entire family foundation. It can be the storm of the century.

Crises do not discriminate and can be as broad as a poorly worded social media post or compromising video to a cyber attacks, security breaches, natural disaster, financial collapse, or at worst, random acts of violence and the death or loss of loved ones.

Understanding how to plan and prepare for crisis is the first step in crisis management.

Our Family Crisis Management approach combines highly experienced practitioners in crisis and transition events with our intimate understanding of the dynamics of wealth, asset management and complex family behaviors.

Family Constitution Workshop

facilitating clarity and consensus for future generations

Orchestrating Harmony Between Families and their Wealth

There are many reasons why setting up a family constitution makes sense for your Family, but at the root of these is the desire to facilitate clearly articulated guidelines and amendments for the future inter-generational transfer and growth of wealth while reducing internal family conflict.

This desire inevitably increases from one generation to the next, as the complexity of managing the family’s wealth grows.

This workshop includes our 60-page Family Constitution workbook covering four key categories . Our goal is to create a living document designed to create conversation toward eventual consensus memorialized in the Family Constitution.

i3 is here to help facilitate conversation and bring structure.

Through a structured workshop, we begin to understand the questions, needs and hopes for the future of the Family Business and the Family Wealth. The family constitution makes explicit some of the policies and guidelines that family shareholders will follow in their relations with each other, other family members, and family office/family company managers.

While family constitutions are more prevalent in larger multi-generational families, they represent an important asset to family unity and the culture of patient family capital starting with second-generation family enterprises.

Contact us to discuss our approach to helping your family create, modify or review your Family Constitution.


Please fill out the simple form below to request more information on building your family’s Family Constitution. Thank you!

a history of trusted private asset Management

Founded in 2007, i3 has more than $250,000,000 in private assets under management. The i3 team works closely with family members and decision-makers to manage the 1031 Exchange process including the identification and selection of like-kind assets, the management of a significant group of real estate portfolios, the provision of services to support day-to-day portfolio management, private asset risk assessment and management, and the design of acquisition and asset management strategies.

Our clients include multiple, high net worth families, foundations, closely-held businesses and private companies. 

Private asset types managed include commercial real estate, timberland and forest, farm and agricultural, port and dock, multi-family, retail, and other asset types with underwriting of multiple real estate opportunities per month.

Additional oversight includes fifteen diverse operating companies, seven (re-) development projects,  and supervision and planning for three start-ups.

i3 currently counsels eight family boards.

High-level services involve Origination, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Acquisition and Financing, Development and Construction Management, and Asset Management. Managing client real estate assets requires oversight of property management, directing leasing strategy, investment oversight and the ability to see the long-term value of the asset. Critical to the success of managing each asset is in-depth knowledge of property operations and systems coupled with a hands-on approach that ensures every asset’s performance is maximized.

We’ll chat with you or an advisor at no fee.  We would love to put our experience to work for you.

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