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Our services start with families. Since 2007, i3 has functioned as a family business consultant, helping families experiencing a transition, dysfunction, or a crisis achieve harmony—and ultimately establish an investment and management infrastructure that ensures financial stability and promotes long-term growth.

Along the way, we listened to what families need when it comes to understanding and managing their financial portfolio. We became intimately aware of their pain points and the missing pieces. And we started coming up with solutions.

Today, i3’s clients can take advantage of everything from a single service to the full suite.

Family Governance

Orchestrating harmony among family members and reducing future conflict around the transfer and growth of wealth with clearly articulated guidelines and amendments.

Asset Management

Managing a family’s private assets in a way that balances their beliefs with their financial objectives, resulting in a dual impact.


A central information hub that allows families, advisors, and our team to manage multiple levels of information within a secure, electronic environment.


AKA “direct investment platform company,” DIPCO gives families a rare, direct investment avenue that is managed by i3 and our partners.