i3 Process

Our process includes a Family Constitution, a Family Investment Philosophy and an Investment Policy.

Our process

The i3 formal process begins with a series of face-to-face meetings. We construct a Family Profile which includes a Family Constitution, a Family Investment Philosophy and an Investment Policy.

A Global Balance Sheet and Global Cash Flow Summary are created for review. The documents provide a comprehensive financial inventory and ten-year forecast for projected income generation for family members or related beneficiaries.

After establishing the family’s asset base and Global Cash Flow, we establish the family’s needs through a Family Needs Assessment. The family’s financial needs are then overlaid on the family’s Global Cash Flow Summary.

Last, an Asset Performance Management Summary is prepared and includes a detailed assessment and historical performance review of private assets owned by the family and recommendations for new strategies. This report provides a schedule of private assets and identifies where opportunity may exist to generate income for the family.

After documenting the family’s profile, gathering details on the family’s assets, constructing the family’s global cash flow and inputting the family’s needs, we integrate Resources and Reporting using i3’s access to information, infrastructure and investment.


The process of working within a dual, complex family dynamic — one including a legacy family business and assets requiring distribution — can create multiple additional challenges if handled poorly.

i3 played a key role as the Family CFO and Mediator for a family group* with a variety of needs: one member desired an exit strategy; another hoped to create new wealth from an underutilized asset. Others had no interest in participating in wealth growth through the family business, but requested equal disbursement of wealth. There was a history of a litigious relationship between multiple members.

Following in-depth interviews and needs assessment, i3 created a solution equitable to and accepted by all participants.

*The confidentiality of our clients is of the utmost importance. All Case Studies are reviewed and approved by the subject client.


A Family Constitution outlining core values

The Family Constitution forms the framework that connects family members, family offices, family businesses, family investment companies, and family trusts. Through clearly defined amendments, family members and their advisors ensure the smooth governance of the family’s affairs and interests. Operation of the family's best interest in calm may be tested in times of crisis. The Family Constitution creates a unified, structured set of basic laws and principles by which to guide critical decisions and actions.

An Investment Policy

The Family Investment Policy provides a framework for managing family investment assets and and prescribes the structure, content, and administration of of public and private assets. The Family Investment Policy is intended to establish a clear understanding of the investment goals and objectives of the family.

A Training Platform to guide family members in asset management

Education is in large part, what is most critical to any Family Office; to educate the next generation in the Family Constitution. Each generation is responsible for the wealth transferred to them, and the Constitution dictates how that gift is received. For families of high-wealth, defining goals and educating all involved now is imperative. Educating on the Family Constitution assures understanding of the rights, values, responsibilities and rules applying to stakeholders in the family wealth.

A Global Family Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

Global Cash Flow is prepared to present the combined cash flow of family and provide a picture of their ability to service a debt. The Balance Sheet is a statement that adds together all assets with all debt and equity and the two totals balance.

A Strategy for maximizing cash flow from existing assets

Working with trusted advisors – such as a through a Family Office – high wealth families have the opportunity to inventory, review and create a strategy to preserve and grow wealth through private assets, and reduce risk while creating multi-generational family governance and education in a way that is meaningful to the family.

A Strategic Blueprint for future asset management

At i3, we recognize the more complex dynamics at play when multiple generations of a family are involved with the growth, management and disbursement of wealth. Our expertise in the mediation of complex challenges facing high-wealth families comes from first-hand experience and deep private asset management insight and expertise.

We’ll chat with you or an advisor at no fee.  We would love to put our experience to work for you.

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