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What’s My Exposure? Protecting Business Sensitive Data Amidst the Pandemic Chaos

Download the webinar PDF: Bad actors have increased cyber-attacks and capitalize on strained technology security teams. They may launch their attacks under the cover of COVID-19 related information while using tactics such as phishing, whaling, malware, sale of counterfeit goods, investment fraud, and more.

Crisis Communication - Family Business Recovery after a Pandemic with Dr Robert Chandler March 2020

The question for every Family Business becomes one of recovery after the event; how do we rebuild short-term losses and communicate resiliency to our customers, employees, vendors and communities?

The Family CFO and the Family Office Insurance Program

Family offices and Family CFOs are offering high-wealth family members a broad range of services through the Family Office, and an established set of insurance standards that provide a clear governance framework for decision-making is an example of this nextgeneration of Family CFO advisory services.

Family Office: After the Documents are Executed Part I

If you’re reading this, you are either exploring or are in the process of setting up a family office. You may have come to this place after being a member of a successful family business that has operated over the past two or three (or more) generations. The business itself may be enjoying great success or be experiencing a time of crisis.

Family Office: From Family Business CFO to Family Office CFO Part II

Last month, we discussed the “Hows and Whys” of a family office: when a decision has been made to create a family office and the legal paperwork has concluded. Now, we must address the “who” of a family office; leadership for the newly-formed entity.

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