Kevin Heaton

Family CFO, Private Asset Management, Speaker, Presenter

About Kevin Heaton, Founder i3 Family CFO and Private Asset Management

Mr. Heaton is the founder and principal of i3, LLC, a Family CFO consulting and Private Asset Management firm, and has grown the organization into a team of highly-regarded associates providing clients with access to information, infrastructure, and investment opportunities. He is a dynamic speaker and presenter, and has contributed to Forbes, Business News Daily, MSN Money, US News and World Report and other outlets related to asset management and CFO leadership.

The i3 team works closely with family members and decision-makers to manage the 1031 Exchange process including the identification and selection of like-kind assets, the management of a significant real estate portfolios, the provision of services to support day-to-day private asset portfolio management, private asset risk assessment and management, and the design of acquisition and asset management strategies.

Prior to founding i3, LLC, Mr. Heaton was CFO of a home services investment company, and grew revenues from $2 million dollars to $30 million dollars in only two years. Kevin was also responsible for developing the US presence of Bucephale Asset Management, a Swiss-based, $250 million-dollar hedge fund. Mr. Heaton began his career as an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch.


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