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Private Asset Management and Family CFO Consulting Services for High-Wealth Families

What we do

i3 is a Boutique Private Asset Management / Family CFO Office with a passion for helping families manage the complexities of family wealth and behavioral dynamics.

i3’s Private Asset Management value proposition is in our breadth of market knowledge, transaction and due diligence experience. We combine this experience with senior-level, on-going management and comprehensive reporting necessary to insure our clients have the information to make informed decisions about their private assets. 

We offer a proprietary, open-architecture platform that allows high-wealth families, closely-held companies and private institutions to access relevant information allowing key decision-makers to make informed decisions, the infrastructure to acquire and manage assets, preserve and grow a portfolio of private holdings (e.g. partnership interest, operating companies, direct investments and real estate), and investment options that allow the preservation and continued reinvestment of capital. 

i3 does not replace current professional service advisors; rather, we augment and enhance existing services and relationships. Most important, i3 brings a unique passion, perspective and real-world, family dynamics management skill-set to every engagement.

i3 Leadership

The i3 team provides a unique combination of real estate, business management, crisis management communications, coaching and investment knowledge that offers clients a tailored experience for their investment and asset management needs. We are careful and dedicated stewards of our client assets and the growth of their long-term wealth. 

i3 is a team of asset-sophisticated professionals who provide clients with access to relevant information to make informed decisions, the infrastructure (team and tools) to actively manage their assets, and investment opportunities (directly or through managed funds) to (re)invest their capital

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Mason Hamrick

COO / Asset Management

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